50 Foot Roll of 2 1/2″ ID Primary Hose For Air-Seeders (PVC/Urethane Blend)


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Now available from Needham Ag Technologies, LLC., clear/blue spiral 2 1/2″ ID Primary Air-Seeder Hose, made from high quality PVC/Urethane blend. This hose has been compared to the John Deere factory PVC hose in a professional lab, using the ASTM G76 – Jet Erosion Test. This test concluded that the Needham Ag PVC/urethane blend hose lasts 32% longer than the John Deere PVC hose.


  • Comes in 100′ rolls and 50′ rolls (this price is for 50′ roll)
  • Smooth ID with low coefficient of friction to help with smooth transfer of seed and/or fertilizer and help reduce fan speed
  • Smooth OD to help with installation (through frames and around brackets).
  • Includes clear spirals to see any blockages.
  • UV protection for long life when left outside.

Additional information

Weight 40 lbs
Dimensions 48 × 48 × 10 in

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