90 Series Seed Boot Bushing Kit (One row for a 90 series one piece seed boots)



The Needham Ag 90 series seed boot bushing kit is designed to install within one row of a seed boot mounted to a John Deere 1590, 1890, 1990, 1895 or 1690 with one piece 90 series seed boots (or 1560/1860 drills/seeders upgraded to the one piece 90 series seed boot). The kits includes two 7/16″ ID x 5/8″ OD bushings, plus a grade 9 x 7/16″ bolt and a grade 9 x 7/16″ lock-nut (with loc-tite to stop the nut coming loose over time).

Needham Ag Seed Boot Bushings are manufactured from a high grade, heat treated stainless steel material to provide excellent durability, no corrosion and long life.  The bushing kit also allows growers to move the boot from the middle hole to the lower hole in the arm, such as what’s required when seeding small seeds (including canola or alfalfa) less than 1” deep.


How are the bushings installed?

First, using a heavy drill press, the existing holes within the top portion of the 90 series seed boots need to be drilled out with a 0.635” drill bit (see below). Standard Wear 90 series seed boots (with part numbers that end in 44 or 45) are easy to drill as the boots are made of cast. The Extended Wear 90 series seed boots (with part numbers that end in 24 or 25) are made of chrome alloy and are much more difficult to drill out. It will require a heavy drill press to drill them out, ideally one that weighs 500 lb or more, or better still a drill press. Once the boot mounting holes are drilled out, the 2 x 5/8” OD bushings are inserted into the seed boot lugs and the boot is installed on the arms using the 7/16 bolt and nut. Once the nuts are torqued, the bushings clamp tightly to the arm, so the boots pivot on the bushings. This is a long term fix, plus by extending the pivot points outwards it helps eliminate play over time.

The YouTube video below is for the John Deere 50 series, but illustrates the principals used with the Needham Ag Seed Boot Bushing Kits.


Additional information

Weight 0.3 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 1 × 1 in

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