LIPA Field Mowers, Brush Cutters and Forestry Clearing Heads.

Needham Ag Technologies is who you need to talk to if you’re looking for field mowing, brush cutting, heavy duty land clearing or forest cutting equipment, as we offer a wide range of different sizes to suit your equipment and requirements. Our range includes a wide range of different mini excavator attachments, including flail mowers, brush mowers and flail shredders, in addition to wide range of for skid steer loaders and most sizes of tractors. If you’re looking for heavier duty forestry excavator shredders or forestry excavator mulchers for larger trackhoes, we offer those too, with the largest ones capable of chopping or mulching brush and trees up to 10” in diameter.

Needham Ag Technologies is the US distributor for LIPA Agricultural Machinery. Lipa is a company based in Italy and they have been building flail mowers, excavator mulchers and a wide range of other forest cutting and land clearing equipment for over 35 years. Lipa is known worldwide for high performance, excellent build quality and German style reliability. They utilize advanced CNC manufacturing technology (including robot welders and rotor balancers) for high product quality and consistency.

LIPA MODELS FOR EXCAVATORS: Lipa builds flail cutters, brush cutter mowers, mulching heads and flail shredders for mini excavators greater than around 4000 pounds (2 tons). We also offer heavier duty flail mowers and forestry mowers for larger excavators from around 8-12 tons, all the way up to heavy duty excavator forestry mulching heads, excavator brush mowers and excavator shredder mowers for machines are big as 30 tons.

LIPA MODELS FOR SKID STEER LOADERS: Lipa offers a wide range of different size and capacity flail mowers, brush cutter mowers and forest cutting machines for skid steer loaders, with the largest model capable of shredding brush and mulching trees up to around 4” in diameter (with the larger models).

LIPA MODELS FOR TRACTORS: If you’re looking for tractor mounted flail mowers, field mowers and flail brush cutters for areas such as fields or right of ways, we offer those too, for tractors greater than 30 hp. We also offer larger forestry mulchers for larger tractors, which are capable of mulching trees up to 6” in diameter.

LIPA ROCK CRUSHERS FOR LARGER TRACTORS: Finally we offer stone crushers and rock crushers for high horsepower tractors to make small rocks out of big ones! If you have a tractor big enough these heavy duty machines are designed to crush stones and rocks as big 12 ” in diameter.

Please call or email us more information (we check emails every day and answer the phone 6 days a week. Please note if it says “Out of stock” we may have some coming, which will be available soon, so let us know what you are looking for.