100 Foot Roll of Yellow 1 1/4″ ID Hose (PVC/Urethane Blend).



Now available from Needham Ag Technologies, LLC., yellow, spiral, 1 1/4″ hose made from high quality PVC/Urethane blend. Fits air seeders and CCS planters, see description below. (This hose has an OD of 1 1/2″)


  • Lasts at least 32% longer than PVC hose (see lab testing on previous page).
  • Smooth ID with low coefficient of friction to help with smooth transfer of seed and/or     fertilizer, which often helps reduce fan speeds.
  • Greater UV protection than OEM hose, for long life even when left outside in the sun.


Fits the following John Deere air-seeders and planters (plus others with 1 1/4” ID hose).

1990 CCS – only from the hopper to the Y diverter on a two rank model. (The 1” Hose shown on previous page is required from Y diverter to seed boot on the two rank model and only 1” hose is used on the single rank model). Replaces John Deere part number AA64213.

1835 secondary hoses, replaces John Deere part number AA58206

1895 secondary hoses on the SFP fertilizer openers at the front. Replaces John Deere part number AA58206.

CCS corn planters to supply seed from the bulk fill hopper to the openers. Replaces John Deere part number A94642.

Additional information

Weight 33 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 27 × 27 in

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