13″ Martin Spiked Closing Wheel For John Deere 50 Series LEFT (For all 1850, and after serial number 3834 on 750)



  • These spiked wheels are designed to fit Later model John Deere 750 drills AFTER serial number 3834. They do fit ALL 1850 air-seeders however, just order RH and LH.
  • Martin 13” spiked closing wheels are recommended for growers who regularly no-till into higher moisture soils, especially residue covered clay soils.
  • Spiked closing wheels engage the soil to close the seed slot and leave loose soil above the seed to help speed emergence within higher moisture soils.
  • Martin 13” spiked closing wheels fit on the later 50 series closing wheel arms and come with all the hardware to mount to the existing arm and bearing. They come with 2 spacers to move the wheel to the side of the row.
  • Martin 13” spiked wheels are not recommended for use in tall cover crops such as cereal rye that’s taller than say 18-24” tall or wrapping can occur. If you plan to seed into such conditions, consider the Martin Razor wheel.

NOTE: The 13″ Martin spiked closing wheel is pictured on a later 50 Series Opener arm, the row above the spiked wheel compares the lack of closing action with the standard John Deere cast wheel.

We will ship the correct hardware to mount the 13″ spiked wheel on the later 50 series closing wheel arm and comes with a longer spindle, to accommodate the Peer SeedXTreme bearing. You will require an even number of RH and LH spiked closing wheels on your drill, so if you have a 15′ 750, you will need 12RH and 12 LH. .

Additional information

Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 13 × 2 in