Flow Regulator For TLB-F Mower – Fitted To Skid Steer Loader



The flow regulator is recommended for skid steer loaders which have higher hydraulic flow than what can be utilized by the flail mower hydraulic motor, to simply reduce the flow. The flow regulator allows the operator to easily adjust the oil flow to the flail with a rotary knob, to optimize its operation. Ideally the flail speed on a TLB-F model is set to around 2200-2300 rpm, higher speeds could result in damage to the hydraulic motor and shorten the flail life. Higher rotor speeds may also restrict the operation of the skid steer travel or loader functions.

‘We do recommend checking the flail speed before putting the flail mower to work. This can be done easily and safely with a digital tach.

If you have a newer skid steer loader with a secondary flow which has close to the ideal oil flow for the flail mower, or digital oil flow adjustment for the flail mower (from the cab), then the flow regulator is not required.

Additional information

Weight 20 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 6 × 4 in