Long Rubber Seed Hose (Smooth Internal) NA-L



Needham Ag is proud to offer the new smooth internal seed hoses to improve seed flow, especially when seeding smaller seeds, or when seeding on rolling ground (or both). These new seed tubes are made from natural rubber and provide excellent flexibility. They are able to be smooth on the inside by incorporating folds above each corrugation on the inside of the seed hose (see photos attached), so as the seed tube stretches out, the folds direct the seeds away from the corrugations and help eliminate any seeds being held in the seed tube corrugations.


These seed tubes also incorporate a small amount of peroxide into their formulation, this has been found to be a safe and effective way of deterring rodents from damaging the seed tubes.


When installing these seed tubes, be sure to install them the correct way up with the folds pointing downwards. Instructions will be included with all orders.


We have found these seed tubes fit most drills available on the market and the chart below illustrates which drills the longer (NA-L) hoses install on.

Long Seed Tube Part Number:   NA-L


           Dimensions:              15-36” Operating Range, with 1 1/4” ID Coupler at both ends


           Installs On:              


Great Plains – All No-Till drills with parallel linkage (including the 10 series) and all HD Series openers, including 2N-2410, 2N-3010, 3S-4010, 3S-3000HD, 3S-4000HD. Consistent with all seed tubes on drills which are stored for extended periods with openers in the lowered position, release the bottom of the seed tube or lower the drill to avoid hose stretch.

Haybuster – 77, 77C, 107, 107C, 147 and 1575

John Deere Double Disc Drills – Including 455

John Deere Single Disc Drill Fertilizer Box – Including 1590



Additional information

Weight 0.75 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 2 × 2 in