Tramline System For Box Drill


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Basic Tramline Kit For Box Drill Includes.

  • Tramline Control Box 
  • Proximety Switch to Advance Tramlines
  • 2 x Tramming Assemblies 
  • 2 x Rubber Seed Tubes
  • 2 x Plastic “Y” to Merge Seeds (when tramlining)
  • All Cables For 2 x Tramming Assemblies

This kit provides a tramline system for most brands of box drill, including John Deere, Great Plains, Tye, Sunflower and Landoll. The tramline kit is designed to work when the drill width is an even multiple of the sprayer width, for example a 30′ drill and a 60′ spray boom, or a 20′ air-seeder and a 120′ boom. Uneven multiple systems are available, such as a 24′ drill and a 60′ boom, but additional hardware is required, so please contact us directly for a price quote on this system.

The above kit is designed for a drill with 7.5″ spacing and narrow tires on the sprayer (narrower than 15″). If your row spacing is 7.5″ and your sprayer tires are wider than 15″, you will need a 2nd set of tramming assemblies and hardware to let you drive between the rows, please contact us directly for a price quote on this system.

Virginia Tech University and University of Delaware researchers found knocking down crops with tires can cause yield losses of 1% to 3% depending on the boom width and the width of the tires. Tramlines can almost eliminate these yield losses by diverting the seeds to one side (or ideally both sides). At 1-3% crop knockdown, and a $7 per bushel wheat price, with 80 bushel per acre yields, knockdown losses could tally between $5.60 and $16.80 per acre. Tramlines can also eliminate the green heads in the wheel tracks at harvest.

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