20 Point Crumbler Wheel Assembly For John Deere 50 Series RIGHT (For all 1850 and after serial number 3834 on 750)



The 20 Point Crumbler Wheels close the seed slot much better than the factory smooth wheels, especially in no-till conditions. They are 1/2″ wide and feature 20 rounded teeth to crumble the seed slot closed. They install on the 50 series including 750 (after serial number 003834) and all 1850 air-seeders. The wheels are made from long-life heat-treated T1  steel and they often last for 30,000-50,000 acres on 40′ air-seeders, which is 2-3 times more than the life expectancy of cast closing wheels.

The 20 Point Crumbler wheels for 50 series come with an assembled heavy duty hub with a long life Peer SeedXTreme bearing, plus a longer axle to accommodate the bigger bearing. There is no need to replace the arm as the SeedXTreme bearing lasts many times longer than the factory tapered bearings.

The 20 Point Crumbler Wheel for the 50 series RIGHT is for the RH side of the 50 series (when viewed from behind the drill/air-seeder). You will need to order an even number of RIGHT and LEFT 20 point assemblies as the right side closing wheel arms have RH threads and the left side has LH threads.


Additional information

Weight 20 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 13 × 2 in

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