Heavy Duty Narrow Gauge Wheels For Case IH 500/500T


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Our 2 3/4 x 16″ heavy duty narrow gauge wheel assemblies come complete and ready to bolt on. We also supply 3 shims per gauge wheel, to help set the correct distance of 1/8″ away from the disc at the closest point.

Our narrow gauge wheels also come complete with a black long-life urethane tire, which has been field proven over at least 8 years. Growers that didn’t make it though two seasons with the standard narrow gauge wheels with rubber tires (this is very common, especially when no-tilling into short soybean stubble or cotton stubble), switched to our narrow gauge wheels with urethane tires and they have now ran the same ones for 7-8 years.

Our narrow gauge wheel assemblies come with 2 x heavy duty steel wheel halves (not a steel and plastic combination, like what is offered by many suppliers), which are powder coated with black paint. All our gauge wheels come complete with the long life PEER® SeedXTreme bearing. Finally, we offer a 3 year warranty against tears and significant stubble damage to the OD of the tire. So when you are considering purchasing narrow gauge wheels, be sure to ask our competition how long they warranty their tires!

Our narrow gauge wheels are designed for no-till and growers no-tilling into corn stalks should see the biggest benefits, because they improve seeding depth uniformity by avoiding more standing stalks (compared to the standard wide gauge wheels). However, we do have growers who use our narrow gauge wheels in no-till and conventional tillage fields, and they find they work fine in worked soils as long as you reduce the down pressure and sometimes limit the forward speed in the loosest soils.

The Case-IH 500/500T and New Holland 2080/2085 can all be ordered without gauge wheels and without closing wheels, so if you plan to no-till, especially into corn stalks our narrow gauge wheels will help improve seeding depth consistency and durability over time.




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Dimensions 16 × 3 × 16 in