Poly 20 Point Crumbler Wheel Assembly For Case IH 500/500T


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If your struggling to close the seed slot, the Needham Ag Poly 20 Point Crumbler Wheels together with the Needham Ag Angle-Changer are a good option, especially if most of your acres are no-till.

The Poly 20 Point Crumbler wheels are 1/2″ thick  and 13″ in diameter. They are more aggressive than the factory closing wheels and the Needham Ag 2×13” wheels and they perform best in residue covered no-till conditions, especially moist soils. The Poly 20 Point Crumbler Wheels reach down through the residue better to pull the seed slot closed. The poly wheels also have a small amount of flexibility which really helps shedding mud in higher moisture soils.

The Needham Ag Poly 20 Point Wheels come standard with a heavy duty hub and the PEER® SeedXTreme Bearing.

We don’t recommend adding the Poly 20 Point Crumbler wheels to a Case 500/500T without the angle changer, as the factory arm runs too straight  and it doesn’t have the necessary gathering action to utilize the wheel.

The YouTube video below shows the 20 Point Wheels in action.



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Weight 7 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 13 × 3 in

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