Needham Ag Angle-Changer For Case IH 500/500T



While we really like the Case-IH 500/500T & New Holland 2080/2085 air-seeders, many growers report they struggle to close the seed slot, especially in higher moisture soils and residue covered no-till conditions. The principal weakness in the factory closing system is the closing wheel which runs too straight. Without gathering action to pull the seed slot closed from the side, the closing wheel presses down from the top, which requires huge amounts of spring pressure, which reduces down force on the disc, which is important for soil and residue cutting. High amounts of closing       pressure results in overly compacted soil above the seed which slows or reduces the % emergence.

The patented Needham Ag Angle-Changer (patent number 9609802) is a specially designed coupler which mounts around the factory closing wheel arm tube. The Angle Changer also features an angled axle, which changes the angle of the closing wheel as its rotated one direction or the other. Once growers find the angle that performs best in their soils and moisture conditions, they lock it in place with the set-screw and no more adjustments are required. Based on our field experience, we know about where the Angle-Changer needs to be set for most regions and these are  explained within the instructions.

Less Closing Wheel Pressure

During field testing over the last 7-8 years with many different closing wheels, we have found the factory 4 x 12” closing wheels require huge spring pressure to crush the seed slot closed, this is because they run straight and don’t have enough gathering action.

When we increase the closing wheel gathering action with the Angle-Changer and add closing wheels which are more suitable for damp no-till soils, we have found that far less down pressure is required to close the seed slot. This is important because it transfers more weight to the disc opener to help cutting of tough residue and hard soil.

More information is available within the YouTube Video below.




Additional information

Weight 1.4 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 2 × 2 in

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