LIPA TLB-F 140 (For Medium Sized Skid Steer Loader)


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The range of Lipa TLB-F flail mowers are designed to fit skid steer loaders larger than around 50hp. They are designed to mow and shred grass, brush and trees up to around 1” in diameter within fencerows, driveways and yards. These flail mowers feature high quality construction, with safety chains and flaps to help control flying debris. The TLB-F range of mowers also feature heavy duty bearings at both ends of the rotor, in addition to both ends of the heavy duty steel roller at the rear of the flail mower. The steel roller is height adjustable and sets the working height of the mower above the ground, to help it follow the ground contours.

The Lipa TLB-F 140 flail mower weighs 680 lb and has a 57″ cut width, so it’s suitable for larger skid steer loaders, with an oil flow of 16 to 19 gallons per minute, at ideally 3500 psi. The TLB-F 140 features 14 heavy duty flails, and 3 drive belts from the hydraulic motor down to the flail mower drive pulley.

This flail mower comes complete with a standard skid steer hook-up. Please note this flail mower does not come with hydraulic hoses, as we don’t know the fittings or lengths required to fit your machine.

If it says “out of stock” please contact us to see when more will be available, as we plan to have most of the common models in stock, so they may be shipped and available soon.

Always think safety when operating a flail mower! The TLB-F flail mowers should ideally be used on skid steer loaders with a front windshield to protect the operator from flying debris. Keep all spectators at least 150 feet away and always lower the flail mower down onto the ground and shut the engine off before working on, or making adjustments to the flail mower.

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Weight 680 lbs
Dimensions 61 × 28 × 31 in

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