LIPA TLBE-S 100 Flail Mower (for 12,000 lb + Mini Excavator)


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The range of Lipa TLBE-S flail mowers is designed for larger mini excavators, to mow grass, shrubs, brush and small trees, up to around 3″ in diameter. This range of flail mowers is often used around fences, ditch banks, lakes and highways, in areas which are often too difficult, or too unsafe to mow with zero-turn mowers, or rotary mowers on tractors. The TLBE-S flail mowers feature high quality construction and materials, with safety chains and rubber flaps to help control flying debris. The range of TLBE-S flail mowers come standard with a heavy duty 5.5″ diameter rotor tube, with heavy duty bearings and strong seals at both ends. Each TLBE-S flail mower comes with heavy duty toothed hammer/flails, which are made from very wear resistant materials. The steel roller at the back is adjustable (to set the mowing height above the ground), plus its helps the mower follow the ground contours and avoid it digging into the soil.

The Lipa TLBE-S 100 flail mower weighs 680 lb and has a 41″ cut width, so it’s suitable for mini excavators which ideally weigh 12,000 lb or more, and those which have sufficient auxiliary oil flow of 14-16 gallons per minute (at ideally 3500 psi). So you will likely require a minimum of 25-30 total  gallons of oil flow per minute  to use the arm or slewing functions on most mini excavators while mowing. Many of the newer mini excavators (especially those within the 12,000+ lb class) come with a primary AND dedicated secondary hydraulic system, so the secondary circuit (which powers the mower) is not affected by arm, slewing or travel functions (these options are preferred).  The TLBE-S 100 has 7 heavy duty toothed hammer/flails and 3 drive belts from the group 3 hydraulic motor pulley to the flail pulley.

This flail mower comes complete with a dedicated hook-up, built to connect to your specific mini excavator model, but we prefer to discuss by phone or email ahead of purchase to make sure your mounting bracket is available. For example some less common mini excavator models may need a custom made bracket, especially those with quick-hitch style couplers. Please note this flail mower does not come with hydraulic hoses, as we don’t know the fittings or lengths required to fit your machine. Also, this mower does not come with pins to mount the flail mower to your excavator, you should already have pins to mount your bucket, so you can use the same pins.

If it says “out of stock” please contact us to see when more will be available. We plan to have most of the common models in stock all the time, so they may be shipped and available soon.

Always think safety when operating a flail mower! Be sure to use the mower on a mini excavator with a cab, or add a front window or screen that sufficiently protects you from flying debris. Always keep spectators at a safe distance and always shut the engine down before working on, or making adjustments to the mower.

Additional information

Weight 680 lbs
Dimensions 45 × 45 × 30 in

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