Lipa TLGA-180 Tractor Mounted Offset Flail Mower (69″ cut width, for a 50-70 hp tractor)


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The Lipa TLGA-180 Offset Flail Mower is ideal for mowing alongside roads, around ponds, plus it can trim tree limbs vertically. The mower can also be hydraulically positioned behind the tractor for regular field mowing.

The Lipa TLGA-180 weighs around 1345 lb and has a 69″ cutting width and an overall width of 76″. The cutting head can be hydraulically adjusted in and out, plus the head can be rotated hydraulically from vertical (to mow the sides of tree lines and hedges), all the way down to 60 degrees below horizontal (to mow ditch banks or very rolling ground). Both hydraulic cylinders have flow-control valves (see images) to adjust folding speeds (both ways). NOTE:- The tractor will have to either have 2 x pairs of hydraulic remotes, or a solenoid block on the tractor to turn 2 remotes into 4 (with a switch and electric solenoid).

The TLGA-180 comes standard with 20 x heavy duty smooth flails. This mower will cut and mulch up to around 2″ material. The flails are connected to a heavy duty 5.5″ diameter tube with heavy flail hangers, and the rotor is powered with 4 x heavy duty V belts. The heavy duty external gearbox has a freewheel function, and a long-life PTO shaft.

To help limit flying debris, the front of the mower has chains and rubber flaps, and  the rear has a roller and rubber flap. The cutting height is controlled with the adjustable heavy duty rear roller, which has an adjustable scraper to help keep the roller clean in wet conditions.

See the attached video below, which shows the flexibility of the larger TLA-180  mower on a larger tractor. The TLGA-180 mower ideally requires a 50-70 hp, and we recommend its wheels being set wider, especially if mowing on steeper slopes (for stability and safety).

Please contact us before buying this mower. It is a bulky item which needs to be either picked up, or shipped with a specialist hot-shot type carrier (because of its dimensions). 

Larger and smaller TLA mowers (for different size tractors) are available, please contact us for more information!







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Weight 1345 lbs
Dimensions 76 × 40 × 80 in