Main Opener Arm Pivot Repair Kit



This kit is available for John Deere 50, 60 and 90 series openers and comes complete to replace the pin, 2 x outer bushings and the thrust washer.


1 x Main Opener Arm Pin (1.25” OD x 5.50” – replaces JD part number N282536)Main Opener Arm

2 x Outer Bushings (1.25” ID x 1.63” OD – replaces JD part number N283636)

1 x Thrust Washer (1.3” ID x 2.5” OD x 0.16” thick* – replaces JD part number N216568)

* Exact dimensions may vary with supplier of the thrust washer.


  • The Needham Ag main opener arm pins and bushings have been field tested for over three years on drills and air-seeders planting large number of acres per row and we have found their service life matches or exceeds OEM pins and bushings.
  • Our main opener arm pins are made from a very hard, heat treated material that’s precision ground for very tight tolerance and consistency. It has a Rockwell C hardness of around 60.
  • Each pin features a chamfer on each end to aid in with its installation. This is especially helpful when trying to install the pins when the openers are still mounted to the drill or air-seeder. The OEM and after market pins are almost flat on the ends and much more difficult to align during installation.
  • Our main opener arm pins feature a socket to aid with their install and removal. OEM and aftermarket pins are smooth on the ends and are more difficult to drive out (or install) with a punch or air-hammer.
  • Our hardened and heat treated outer bushings provide a very long service life and are easy to install with our install tool. The hardened install tool is made of hardened steel. It helps remove the old bushings and install the new ones without damage, plus helps align the second bushing with the first one during installation.
  • We also supply one thrust washer per row, to help eliminate the side to side play in the opener mounting points. Both sides of the castings wear over time, so be sure to shim the opener arm as tight as possible on the disc side with the washer provided.

NOTE: One free main opener arm install tool (worth $80) will be included free with all orders of 24 (or more) main opener arm bushing kits. 

For additional information on installation, please see the YouTube video below.


Additional information

Weight 2.5 lbs
Dimensions 5.5 × 2 × 2 in

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