NA81407 – LH Stainless Steel Seed Tube For 60/90/ProSeries Air-Seeders



OEM steel seed tubes can rust (especially when the air-seeder is used with corrosive fertilizers like urea or potash). This corrosion is worst when air-seeders are stored outside for extended periods, as this moisture tends to accelerate the corrosion. The OEM steel seed tubes often rust solid inside the seed boots, and when they seize like this the only way to remove them is to heat the top of the boot, which often weakens them (as they are heat treated). The flared hose-barb on the top of the factory steel seed tubes might allow fast installation of the hose at the factory or dealership, but its strongly disliked in the field when you have to remove the flexible seed hose, plus the funnel shaped top allows water to enter the seed boot (adding to the corrosion). When the seed boot plugs up, most growers heat the flexible hose to get it out of the steel tube, or cut the hose off flush at the top, and cut the tube into pieces with a sawzall inside the flared hose-barb. Both methods damage or shorten the hose, leading to replacement.

After numerous requests, we are proud to offer stainless steel seed tubes for John Deere 1860, 1890, 1990 and 1895 air-seeders, in addition to the new N500 ProSeries introduced in 2018.


These new seed tubes are made in the USA from high quality stainless steel, which will eliminate the rust/corrosion issues associated with steel seed tubes, which will extend their life significantly. We also simplified the connection between the new stainless steel seed tube and the 1” ID seed hose which feeds it, by using a piece of heavy duty 1 1/4” ID hose and two hose clamps. So in the event of a seed boot plugging, it will be much faster and easier to remove the seed hose to clean them out.  NOTE: These seed tubes will NOT fit the John Deere 1850 (angles and lengths are different).

The NA81407 LH Angled Stainless Steel Tube replaces John Deere part number A81407 and comes with one flexible connection hose and two heavy duty hose clamps. The chart below should help determine how many of each tube are required.

Additional information

Weight 1.5 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 4 × 2 in

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