Upgraded firming wheel arms provide longer service life

The Problem

The factory John Deere 750 series box drills (after serial number 3834) and all 1850 air-seeders have a welded pin on the firming wheel arm as illustrated right. This pin wears over time and results in excess side to side travel. This assembly didn’t come with seals from the factory, so it often fills with dust (especially when planting in dry, dusty conditions), which accelerates wear.

John Deere sells a new arm assembly for around $87.00, but this only has a roll pin to hold it in position, so its often difficult to shim with washers to keep it tight.

The Solution

The Needham Ag – 50 Series Firming Wheel Arm Upgrade offers numerous improvements to the John Deere replacement assembly.

Key Benefits

  • Comes as a kit, which includes a quality steel arm and high quality precision ground pin to improve service life.
  • Same arm works on both the RH and LH side.
  • This kit offers a replaceable firming wheel arm pin (just like the John Deere 60/90 series firming wheel arms).
  • Comes with our high quality seals and poly bushings.
  • Comes with a 4 ¼” Grade 8 Flange bolt, Grade 8 flange nut and 1” ID Grade 8 washer.


Watch the video below to see how to install our 50 series firming wheel arm kit.