Gauge Wheel Axle (For All 60 & 90 Series, and ProSeries Prior to serial # 790100)



  • Heavy duty assembly fits the RH and LH side of all 60 & 90 series openers, plus the new John Deere ProSeries openers, but only prior to serial number 790100.
  • Replaces John Deere part numbers N282117, AA92485 and AA73951.
  • Dust cap is welded all heavily to the axle, rather than spot welded like the OEM versions. This helps stop dust and moisture entering the inside of the dust cap.
  • Our Gauge Wheel Axle maintains the milled area on the outside of the axle (just like the more recent OEM versions) to help with lubrication along the axle.
  • Includes grease zerk.
  • Yellow zinc coated to minimize corrosion over time (OEM doesn’t have any corrosion protection at current time).
  • IMPORTANT BENEFIT – The flag (the part that the gauge wheel bolts to) is positioned 1/8” FURTHER IN than the OEM gauge wheel axles. This was a common request from growers and it provides an additional 1/8″ adjustment of the gauge wheel towards the disc. Therefore, as the gauge wheel tire lip wears away, our gauge wheel axle provides 1/8″ more adjustment  to help keep mud out. More gauge wheel shims/spacers will be needed with a new gauge wheel and some instances a longer 5/8″ bolt.


For more information please watch the YouTube video below.


Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 5 × 2 in

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