Gauge Wheel Axle



• Heavy duty assembly fits the RH and LH side of all 60 & 90 series openers and replaces John Deere part numbers N282117, AA92485 and AA73951.

• Dust cap is welded all heavily to the axle, rather than spot welded like the OEM versions. This helps stop dust and moisture entering the inside of the dust cap.

• Our Gauge Wheel Axle maintains the milled area on the outside of the axle, just like the OEM version, to help with lubrication along the axle.

• Includes grease zerk.

• Yellow zinc coated to minimize corrosion over time.

• The arm is welded 1/8” further out than the OEM gauge wheel arms. This was a common request from growers, and it provides and additional 1/8″ adjustment of the gauge wheel towards the disc. So as the lip on the side of the gauge wheel tire wears away, 1/8″ more adjustment is available to help shim the gauge wheel tire closer to the disc, to help keep mud out.


For more information please watch the YouTube video below.


Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 5 × 2 in

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