Hard Red Spring Wheat Management Guide


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The Needham Ag Hard Red Spring Wheat Management Guide is our most comprehensive, professionally produced publication to date. It contains 200 glossy color pages, with over 300 high resolution color photos, graphs and tables.

This Hard Red Spring Wheat Guide is written by Phil Needham, an agronomist with over 30 years of worldwide wheat management and research experience. The guide is very practical in nature and its written to help growers, dealers and agronomists across the Northern Plains and Western Canadian Provinces identify weak links within their production systems. Once these weak links are isolated, the guide offers practical solutions and research to eliminate as many as possible, to help increase yields, grain quality and return on investment.

The Hard Red Spring Wheat Guide contains many different sections, including managing residue with the combine at harvest. This is an important topic and a weak link for many producers, especially those running 40′ or 45′ heads. It offers suggestions to better handle residue, both at harvest and at seeding time. It also has a section on the different types of seeding equipment, plus a section on fertilizer placement strategies. The guide also discusses other important topics such as seed quality, seed rates, seed treatments and the importance of uniformity of seed treatment applications.

The publication also covers the important topics of soil fertility, stand counts, uniformity of plant emergence, canopy management and post-applied nitrogen strategies and how they relate to soil moisture levels. Finally there are also major sections on disease identification, disease control, and nozzle selection to help protect the yield potential.

For a more detailed look at the subjects covered within this spring wheat management guide, please click the link below (or copy and paste the link into your browser) to download a PDF of the 2 page table of contents.

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