Soft Red Winter Wheat Management Guide


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This professionally published soft red winter wheat guide contains 120 glossy color pages and 330 color photographs, tables and graphs. It includes most of the crop management technologies required to help soft red winter wheat producers across the eastern US and south east Canada take their wheat management to the next level.

This guide was written by Phil Needham, a wheat agronomist with over 30 years of international wheat management experience. This guide was published in 2012 and it walks producers, dealers and agronomists step by step through the growing season. The guide offers a balance of replicated   research and field experience across the SRWW  production region to help build a sound foundation to create higher yields and greater profits from the very start.

The guide begins with residue management of the previous crop, seed selection, and fall fertilizer     recommendations. It continues with seeding  technologies, no-till and conventional tillage       systems. The guide next outlines how to conduct stand counts and the ranges we are looking for within specific planting date ranges. Spring management strategies are discussed next with nitrogen application systems, rates and timings, all the way through to fungicides, insecticides, herbicides and growth regulators. This guide also features a comprehensive section which discusses most wheat diseases and viruses.

This guide is written for the SRWW region of the eastern US and eastern Canada.


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