Hard Red Winter Wheat Management Guide



This professionally published hard red winter wheat (HRWW) guide is written by Phil Needham, an agronomist with over 30 years of international wheat management experience. The guide includes 140 glossy color pages, which contain 374 high resolution color photographs (most of them were taken within the Central Plains), plus many tables, charts and graphs.

This HRWW guide is very practical in nature and offers a balance of field experience (summarized when working with growers within the HRWW production region) with field and replicated research.

This HRWW guide includes pertinent information on seeding technology, seeding rates, seed treatments, planting dates, tiller management, soil testing, tissue testing and nutrient management strategies. It also has sections on herbicides and fungicides, plus a good section on spray nozzle selection. The publication also contains an important section on spreading residue out of the back of the combine, to especially help with no-tilling wheat into heavy residue.

This HRWW guide is designed to walk a producer, dealer or agronomist step by step through the growing season, starting with residue management of the previous crop, all the way through harvesting the wheat crop. Its written to help readers identify and eliminate some of the weak links to help increase yields, grain quality and return on investment.

This HRWW production guide is specifically written for the soils, rainfall and climate of  TX, OK, KS and NE, but many of the management practices discussed will help producers within other HRWW production areas of the USA. (If your growing winter wheat in SD, ND, MT or MN you would be best served by the HRSW guide we have available, as that better suits the soils, rainfall and growing seasons within those production regions).


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