LIPA TLE-FS 90 Forestry Mulcher (For Ideally a 16,000 – 20,000 lb Mini Excavator).


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With over 40 years of manufacturing experience in partnership with the Willibald company based in Germany, LIPA now manufactures high quality flail mowers and mulchers in their factory in Italy. LIPA products are well designed and manufactured using the latest CAD/CAM technologies, which include laser cutting and robot welders. All LIPA products use high quality materials which stand the test of time, in fact some customers have extensively used LIPA flail mowers and mulchers for over 20 years, only replacing flails/hammers and belts occasionally. The LIPA company has now manufactured over 20,000 flail mowers and mulchers worldwide, and their performance is hard to beat.

Our company is Needham Ag Technologies, LLC and we have been in business since 2006. Our company is based in Western Kentucky and we strive to offer the best product knowledge in the industry. We first purchased a Lipa flail mower for our own use in 2018, and became the US distributor in 2019. We offer a range of different LIPA flail mowers and mulchers, in addition to most parts at our warehouse.


Please view the YouTube video below to see the build quality of the TLE-FS Mulcher. Many companies will try and sell you a mulcher but few can compete with the Lipa quality!


You are viewing a Lipa TLE-FS 90 forestry mulcher with 36 x fixed blades and a cutting width of 34”. This mulcher weighs around 1200 lb with the mount and its designed to fit a larger mini excavator to mulch brush and small trees. With adequate oil flow and pressure, this TLE-FS 90 will mulch 8″ (or larger) soft woods and around 6″ hard woods. These mulchers are most often used to trim back trees along property lines, or clean up overgrown areas that are often too steep or too unsafe to mow with tractor or skid-steer mounted mulchers.

IMPORTANT – The TLE-FS 90 requires a mini excavator which ideally weighs 15,000-18,000 lb, PLUS has a minimum of 20 gallons per minute of auxiliary flow.  Please contact us for suitability and experience with different brands of mini excavator.

This Lipa TLE-FS 90 comes complete with a mount to connect to most mini excavators, but we prefer to discuss your machine specifications by phone ahead of purchase to make sure your specific mount is available. For example, less common couplers (such as Wain-Roy couplers, or custom-made mounts) will incur an additional charge. This mulcher does NOT come with pins to mount the machine to your excavator (you should already have pins to connect your bucket, so you can use the same ones).

Please note this forestry mulcher does NOT come with hydraulic hoses, but these are available from Needham Ag for an additional charge.

The TLE-FS 90 features a hydraulically adjustable front door option (as shown in the images) to help with cutting larger trees. Ideally your machine has a 2nd auxiliary circuit to raise the door. If not, we can equip the mulcher with an optional solenoid valve which raises or lowers the door using a powered switch in the cab (see photo attached).


The TLE-FS 90 features a heavy-duty piston motor which does require a case drain (a low-pressure hose leading directly back to the hydraulic tank). The rotor is suspended with heavy duty bearings, which are protected with heavy duty seals. The rotor is powered by 3 heavy duty drive belts and the rotor features 36 heavy duty fixed blades. The TLE-FS 90 also features a row of heavy-duty safety chains at the front and back to help control flying debris, in addition to a set of heavy gauge mulching teeth on both sides of the rotor (see attached image).


As with all mulchers, safety is a primary concern. We strongly recommend using this mulcher on an excavator with an enclosed cab, ideally with an approved forestry package to protect the operator from flying debris. We strongly suggest you keep all spectators at least 200 feet away from the mulcher during operation. 



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Weight 1300 lbs
Dimensions 50 × 48 × 36 in